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How do I become a professional pilot?

Everybody asks what it takes to become a professional pilot. Here are the common steps that most pilots make in a career as a pilot.

  1. Private Pilot License - No matter what your goals are the first license you must earn is your private pilot license. To earn this you must pass an FAA medical and written test and successfully pass a practical exam with an examiner.

  2. Instrument Rating (Added to your Private Pilot License) - You will need to build cross-country time as well as have flight instruction for your instrument rating. You will need to pass a written test and a practical test with an examiner.

  3. Commercial Pilot License (With Instrument Rating) - You will need to build up your total time to 250 hours minimum as well as get instruction for your commercial certificate. You will need to pass a written test as well as a practical test with an examiner.

  4. Certified Flight Instructor - The flight instructor certificate is not necessary to become a professional pilot but it is the quickest way to get paid and build your time toward your Airline Transport Pilot minimums. You will need to take two written tests as well as a practical test with an examiner.

  5. Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

  6. Multi / Engine Add On to your commercial license - You will need to get instruction as well as pass a practical test with an examiner for a multi-engine add-on.

  7. Airline Transport Pilot License - This is by far the hardest to attain because of the large amount of hours you need to get there. You must have a minimum of 1,500 hours if you have been trained from a part 61 school.

As always we are here to help and guide you to your goals in aviation. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Keep the Sunny Side Up and the Airspeed in the Green!!!!

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