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Make Your Daydream a Reality

The Dream

Many of you can relate to my story. As a child, I was intrigued and fascinated with airplanes. First, it started with the first flight simulator. I took off from Meigs Field and attempted to fly through the Sears Tower antennas. Then my dad bought me a gas-powered remote-controlled airplane for Christmas when I was 8 years old. That was short-lived because I flew it into electrical wires and crashed the plane. Then we purchased Flight Simulator 2003. I learned some lessons just flying the simulator. I was 23 years old and I finally got a chance to do a Discovery Flight with my instructor, Ed Brown. I immediately was hooked and decided that this was the path for me. From that first flight I did everything I could to be apart of aviation.

The Problem

I had one problem that I was faced with. That problem was how I was going to afford flight instruction. I have amazing parents and an amazing family. I didn't ever feel like we were poor but we didn't have an abundance of wealth. I took on my own responsibility of paying for my college education at Western Michigan University. My parents supported me in every way possible but they couldn't financially support my dream of becoming a pilot. I got married with a few years left in college. We had our first child weeks after graduating college and our family began to grow. I didn't fly one bit when this happened. I was working a job where I learned great customer service skills and sales. I wouldn't have traded it for the world but I wasn't fulfilled internally because I longed to be flying. This led to me making a decision that changed the course of my life.

The Solution

I was given the opportunity to work on the line for Tulip City Air Service. I made the choice to work that job in hopes that maybe some opportunities would come up. I met some great people while working the line. One person I met was Josh Caraveth. He flew in and we had a long conversation in the FBO. We will come back to why this was such a big deal meeting him. It wasn't until I crunched some numbers that I finally made the choice to go for my dreams. I worked tremendously hard training before and after work. I couldn't ask for a better flight instructor than Jon Herek. I owe him so much for the quality education I received. I then moved from line service to full-time flight instruction after 2 years of training. I have been flight instructing for a little over 2 years. I was called about a job opportunity from Josh who I had stayed in contact. I now am flying with him professionally for a charter company here in Michigan.

Why Am I Sharing This?

There was a day when I sat down and thought I would never be able to pursue my dreams. I just couldn't see it happening. It wasn't until I took action that one thing happened after another and my dreams became a reality. I want to encourage you today to take action. If your dream is to become a professional pilot or even a just a private pilot, our team can help you take action by clicking the button below and reaching out to us.

Thanks! And Live Your Dream!!!

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