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Where Do I Start With Flight Training???

This is a common question we get. I have received thousands of phone calls over the past few years from customers not sure how to get started in aviation. Maybe you are in this position. You desire to get training but are unsure how to start. Well read this carefully and I think you will have a great start in your training.

The basic outline of most of the licenses and ratings goes like this.

  1. Pass a pre-solo knowledge test (requires flight training)

  2. Pass a written test (requires studying)

  3. Pass an Oral Examination (requires flight training)

  4. Pass a Flight Examination (requires flight training)

Your instructor will guide you along the way and help you through that basic process.

There are 2 Initial things you should do to get started.

  1. Research Local Flight Schools

  2. Most local flight schools have staff instructors to answer many questions. We know that it is somewhat confusing as you start and we are eager to guide you along the journey. You are not alone when not knowing what to do or how to go about taking the next step. You can contact our chief flight instructor at 6163446767

  3. Schedule A Discovery Flight

  4. A discovery flight is a great way to meet an instructor and ask questions in a one-on-one environment. You get a chance to fly the plane in your very first lesson. It is a memorable experience.

  5. You can click the "Discovery Flight" button below to schedule it.

The next steps are important to allow you to excel through your flight training. Everybody gets held up at the written test phase. There is a lot going on in our lives and it is hard to sit down and study. You must get your nose into the books and study to knock out your written test. The instructor can help you to try to gain knowledge but it takes individual effort to study the materials. The following is a list of materials that should help you through your training. I would set a goal to have your written test completed within the first 10 hours of flight training. By doing this, you will not have an lags in your flight training.

  1. The Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK)

  2. This book contains all of the pertinent information in becoming a private pilot. Study this book from cover to cover and you will be successful

  3. Sporty's Video Series

  4. If you like to watch videos to learn, there are several video training series you could choose from. My favorite is Sporty's. It also includes a test prep software to help you learn the materials.

  5. The Airplane Flying Handbook

  6. This book is a must-read for flight training. The PHAK is a great book to learn about aviation and flying and all the rules while the Airplane Flying Handbook is a great resource to learn how you fly an airplane.

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